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Accident Reconstruction
Concrete truck rollover accident - suspension failure investigation Motorcycle to car accident reconstruction Car damage from motorcycle impact Chevrolet Suburban Rollover
Appliance Fires
Arc bead on power cord Electric Oven Fire electric water heater element Gas Furnace Fire
Gas Oven Fire gas water heater burner exam gas water heater fire heater element dry-fired
portable electric heater fire power cord arcing on heater printer fire examination water heater fire caused by gasoline ignition
Fireplace Fires
creosote buildup in chimney pipe gas fireplace flue pipe internal heat damage gas fireplace insert fire - interior side leak test on gas control valve to fireplace burner
propane fire pit explosion wood insert fireplace fire - exterior side wood insert fireplace fire interior side  
Miscellaneous Product Failure
corrosion hole heat coil heater treater explosion heating coil corrosion oil burner nozzle examination
pool heater damage evaluation tea kettle failure bottom plate separation Exercise Equipment  Inversion Bench Ankle Lock Failure - Personal Injury  
Propane Failure
bbq propane tank fire propane gas leak test using nitrogen propane gas stove fire propane regulator pressure test
propane tank regulator pressure test propane tank regulator test propane tank weight measurement during refill test  
Restaurant Kitchen Fires
restaurant fire caused by lack of shielding to combustible wall materials Anusl System Nozzel Inspection restaurant kitchen hood fire  
Structural Failures
Brick wall crack from foundation settlement Interior wall separation from floor from settlement Severe concrete slab foundation settlement Severe concrete slab settlement
Severe foundation settlement due to soil settlement Severe tile floor crack from foundation settlement Structural fire damage exam on house Stucco damage evaluation
Swimming pool crack evaluation Concrete roof tile crack evaluation Concrete slab crack evaluation  
Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Fires
Lamborghini Murcielago Engine Underbody Fire Industrial Diesel 2MW Generator Fire    
2000 Ford F150 SCDS Fire Ford SCDS recovered Ford SCDS remains on suspension Refuse truck fire
91 Toyota MR2
engine fire
Car in garage fire Caterpillar wheel loader
Electrical power cable
fire on motorhome
RV refrigerator file Suspected refrigerator
fire on a travel trailer
Trailer tire fire Underbody car fire from
hydraulic oil leak
Underbody vehicle fire caused by fuel filter recall Dodge Ram pickup engine fire F150 Pickup with LPG tank bed fire caused by cigarette butt John Deere Combine fire
Wheel loader fire Heavy Truck Cab Fire    
Vehicle Mechanical Failures
Bucket Truck rollover defect inspection Power brake booster examination Rollover accident - suspension inspection Aston Martin Vanquish - Brake System Examination
Plumbing System Failures
Bubble leak test on refrigerator water valve Fire sprinkler riser separation Toilet tank crack Inadvertent Fire Sprinkler Head Activation
Ballcock valve failure on threaded inlet Ballcock valve failure CPVC sprinkler pipe crack from freeze damage Cracks on inner surface of hot water line to faucet
Fire sprinkler pipe fitting freeze damage fractured plastic fitting on water filter due to overtightening Freeze damage rupture on copper water pipe Leak testing on stainless steel braided hose for kitchen faucet
Plastic water line failure close up Plastic water line failure RO filter canister crack RO filter canister failure
RO system leak from loose drain clamp fitting RO system  plastic tubing leak Toilet ballcock valve crack Toilet ballcock valve leak test
Water expansion tank corrosion closeup Water expansion tank corrosion    
Fireplace - Chimney Fires
Creosote buildup in chimney pipe Gas fireplace flue pipe internal heat damage Gas fireplace insert fire - interior side Propane fire pit explosion
Wood insert fireplace fire
-exterior side
Wood insert fireplace fire
-interior side
Earlier Photos - Various
  Arc bead on power cord BBQ propane tank fire Corrosion hole heat coil
Electric water heater element Heater element dry-fired Heater treater explosion Heating coil corrosion
Portable electric heater fire Power cord arcing on heater Propane tank regulator test Water heater fire caused by ignition of nearby spilled gasoline


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